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AQUA 2017

Exhibitor Press Releases

  • Matchbox fettles up some glass delights as Marine Arts produces Sea-Glass in former tumbling machines.

  • Hamac Trading's new solar-powered water features now available with a movable solar panel, battery back-up and for ease of use all come with an indoor electrical charger.  

  • Laser Guard

    10-Oct-2017 by: © 2017 Velda Velda

    Control the heron plague!

    MUST-HAVE Fish Protection

    The rise in the heron population requires new techniques and insights: Velda takes innovations one step further. The Laser Guard motion sensor detects intruders and responds with bright flashing lights, green laser beams and, optionlly scare noises. Even before a heron lands on the edge of the pond, it will be frightened away and the fish will be safe in the pond.

  • Silenta Solar Air Float

    09-Oct-2017 by: © 2017 Velda Velda

    Happy fish in summer and winter

    A new way of pond aeration is the Silenta Solar Air Float that works on solar power. There is no long air hose and no plug, so there are no energy costs and the device is very user-friendly. You just position the Silenta Solar Air Float on the pond surface and aeration starts automatically.

  • Silenta Air Outdoor

    09-Oct-2017 by: © 2017 Velda Velda

    High oxygen water for a healthy pond environment

    The Silenta Air Outdoor pump is rainwater-proof and it is located next to the pond. The air hose delivers oxygen to the air stone located in the pond. Oxygen is released into the water in the form of bubbles. At the same time, the bubbles remove harmful gases from deeper in the water. That prevents the suffocation of microlife and fish.

  • Floating Glass Lights

    09-Oct-2017 by: © 2017 Velda Velda

    Floating glass light balls with LED

    The atmospheric Floating Glass Lights, spheres made of clear glass, are a new feature. Three watertight spheres float on the pond and spread a sparkling light effect. Stylish design and high-quality materials give this LED-lighting an exclusive look.

  • Floating Mistmaker

    09-Oct-2017 by: © 2017 Velda Velda

    For a mysterious atmosphere on the water

    In the early morning, the pond surroundings are often covered in mist, as well as at the last light of day. These restful moments are a blessing to men. With the mistmaker you can enjoy the special atmosphere at the waterside throughout the day. Specially for (mini) ponds, Velda is introducing the floating mistmaker for a mysterious atmosphere on the water.

  • Black - A most noble colour

    09-Oct-2017 by: Steve Le Chevalier Marine Arts

    Many  people see black as the colour of uncertainty and darkness, however, in a novel approach the whole of the Marine Arts stand (C43) at Aqua 2017 will be presented as a black backdrop high lighted with over a 1000 blue LED lights.


  • Tunze Aquarientechnik Gmbh

    06-Oct-2017 by: Gary Barden Tunze UK

    Latest Products from Tunze @ Aqua 2017

  • The best rounded gravel formerly came from the beaches of the Heritage Site at Bridport in Dorset. With the source being closed 15 years ago a world-wide search has been on to find a suitable alternative.

    The wait is now over !  Marine Arts will be exclusively launching their fully rounded aquarium gravel at Aqua 2017.

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