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Aquatic Now

Stand: J11 / H11
  • Aquarium Food & Equipment
  • Aquarium Gift Ideas
  • Aquarium Cleaning
  • Aquarium Water Testing
  • Aquarium Monitoring
  • Aquarium C02
  • Aquarium Plant Care
  • Pond Filtration
  • Pond Treatments
  • Aquariums
  • Aquarium Top Up & Parts
  • Aquarium Refugium
  • Aquarium UV
  • Aquarium Live Rock
  • Aquarium Water Pumps
  • Aquarium Spare Parts
  • Aquarium Reactors
  • Aquarium Start Up Kits
  • Aquarium Dosing
  • Aquarium Filtration
  • Aquarium Accessories
  • Aquarium Powerheads
  • Aquarium Water Treatment
  • Aquarium Decoration
  • Aquaria

Aquatic Now (AN) has become one of the industries leading, modern distributors in the past two years since its launch at Aqua 2019!

Distributing some of the world's best renowned brands like Seneye, Fritz, Abyzz, Real Reef, Dr. Tim's, KZ, ITC Reefculture & Easy Reefs to name but a few!

AN pick and choose products they trust and believe in themselves as discerning aquarists with the sole goal of improving the welfare of the animals, making them easier to keep. 

Big things will come from their own brand ITC Reefculture at this show!


B1 Abbey Farm Commercial Park
Horsham St Faith
NR10 3JU
United Kingdom

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