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    09 Aug 2019

    The biggest range of Natural stone water feature Eastern Connections has it all covered


  • 70 years of EHEIM

    01 Aug 2019 EHEIM GmbH & Co.KG

    From repairing and producing toys to developing the most important innovations for aquariums.
    With the invention of the aquarium suction filter, EHEIM made aquatics what it is today: a hobby for broad sectors of the population and millions of fish lovers worldwide.

  • Test the water in a splash!

    02 Jul 2019 Velda

    The AquaTesterPro measures the most important water values in just a few seconds. A clear idea of water quality is important, particularly if you have fish and plants. This electronic water analyser allows you to check water quality often and easily.

    The digital test results are very accurate and they can be sent to your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth. The AquaTesterPro app uses the values for a complete diagnosis and history of the water. You then receive smart advice from Velda to maintain water quality and prevent any problems.

  • Pond Protector Pro

    02 Jul 2019 Velda

    There are various methods to protect the loved fish against herons. A simple and effective method is to stretch electric fence wire round the pond edge. Upon touching there will be a shock reaction which causes herons and cats to take flight quickly and never return to the pond.

  • The BIG Belindas

    02 Jul 2019 Velda

    Sitting next to the pond, Belinda brings your garden to life and rouses your imagination. With her round forms and happy face, she adopts a casual pose. A jet of water flows from her mouth, splashing in the pond.

  • Floating Glass Lights

    02 Jul 2019 Velda

    Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the special atmosphere at the waterside long after sunset! The light balls are made of clear glass with a core of glass fibers. Three watertight spheres float on the pond and spread a sparkling light effect. Stylish design and high-quality materials give this LED-lighting an exclusive look.

  • New AquaSafe Formula

    01 Jul 2019

    Tetra, the experts in fishkeeping, has updated its hugely popular AquaSafe water conditioner with an enhanced anti-stress formula to help you better support the health and wellbeing of your fish, especially during water changes.

  • New Holiday Menu

    01 Jul 2019

    Tetra, the expert in fishkeeping, has expanded its popular Holiday food range with a new ‘Menu’ format, offering protein-rich pellets and tasty krill to all ornamental fish for an even more diverse diet while you’re away.

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