01 Jul 2019

New Holiday Menu

The gel food block with BioActive formula contains daphnia together with the essential vitamins, trace elements and minerals that fish need to stay healthy. Tetra’s Holiday Menu is also 100% edible, providing fish with a balanced diet for up to two weeks without clouding or contaminating water, unlike many other holiday foods that are sold as calcium blocks, so you can enjoy your break without worrying about your fish.


Ashleigh Foster, Aquatics Marketing Manager at Tetra comments, “We all look forward to getting away, however it can be difficult to know what the best route is when it comes to feeding your fish a diverse and high-quality diet. Tetra Holiday Menu is a great option allowing you to provide your fish with a complete and balanced food which won’t negatively affect your water parameters. So, you can return from your holiday feeling refreshed to find your fish happy and healthy.” 

Tetra Holiday Menu will be available from July with an RRP of £4.50/30g*. When introducing a new food to your fish please always read the label for full instructions on how to do so safely.

For more information about Tetra, visit www.tetra-fish.co.uk or join in the conversation with Tetra UK on Facebook.

*Pricing is at the sole discretion of the retailer